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Telemetric Control System
Telemetric Control System
  • GIS MAP, Web-based UI provides convenience
  • Select to separately monitor & control water, gas, heat, power and energy independently or in a single integrated system
  • Select to independently monitor system or request to hosting service to Seoul Mobile Telecom
  • Inquiry of meter reading
    • Real-time meter reading
    • Daily / Monthly meter reading
  • Statistical Analysis
    • Hourly/Daily/Monthly usage analysis
    • Daily/Monthly meter reading
    • Previous month / previous year usage comparison
    • Average daily / monthly usage analysis
  • Troubleshooting Management
    • Inquiry of telemetric device
    • Inquiry of meter data
    • Inquiry of network status
  • Management of commercial units
    • Commercial units
    • Local group management
  • System Management
    • Management of admin access history
    • System settings
Public Bike Remote Monitoring System ( City of Seoul )
Public Bike Remote Monitoring System ( City of Seoul )
Telemetry Terminal
Street Light Remote Control & Safety Zone Service ( District of Songpa )