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Text Messaging Service
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Text Message Service
Send and receive text message using diverse information devices such as smart pager, PMP, e-book, etc.
Information Message Service
Provide information contents such as weather, traffic, news alerts using broadcasting transmission method.
Location Based Service
U-Safety Service
Real-time location tracking, emergency assistance relief services for socially underprivileged children, handicapped and elderly adult(s).
Real-time tracking of migration patterns, emergency call service(s) and automatic message notification services.
Remote monitoring of elderly, patients by transmittance of biometric information
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Safety / Location Service
Logistics operation of buses, freight, etc.
Provide traffic information in broadcasting format utilizing information gathered from public parking
Provide security services for asset theft, loss, damage prevention, etc.

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Internet-of-Things (IoT) / M2M Service

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Remote Monitoring / Control
Real-time monitoring and control of street lights, traffic lights, etc.
Safety measurements and monitoring of public facilities
Remote metering of water, power, gas, heat, etc.